Thứ Hai, 20 tháng 9, 2010

Thai sticky rice with mango

e ate sticky rice  with Thai curries all the time at our local Thai restaurants . Never really gave it much thought. After all it was just rice, just a little more sticky then usual, right?
Wrong. One day when watching Top Chef on Bravo I saw one of the contestants actually being sent home for not getting this rice right, I remember the dish was Thai sticky rice with mangoes. I wondered 'how can you mess up rice even if you are a basic cook, let alone a chef'. That's when it got my curiosity. When I started looking at how to make it that is when I realized it is not as easy as I thought. I looked around a bit more and ever since have thought of giving it a shot. The desire came back when I saw the Sticky rice with Mango post on Priya's site. The dish looked perfect the way she had made it and having a good detailed explanation definitely helped make it appear do-able. Here's my attempt to recreate the dish as described by Priya. The rice package I bought however required a sticky rice steamer to make it. Since I did not have it, I just used my regular rice cooker with its steamer attachment. Have included the details below.
Thanks darling, we relished it, it tasted awesome.. and  I can now proudly add sticky rice to my resume :)
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