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Butter Garlic Naan

his being the first recipe in my blog, I will start with the recipe for one of the most famous and loved Indian bread, the one and only NAAN. It's our (me and my hubby's) all time favorite bread. Soft yet toasty leavened bread soaked in butter.. then dipped in curry of your choice.. ahhh.. out of this world :) just yum!! We used to always order this whenever in any Indian restaurant but never tried making this at home. For me it was just something only a restaurant chef can make, just so out of my boundaries...Then i got married, came to the US with my dear hubby started my cooking adventures (burning roties, making overly salted sabjis, using salt in place of sugar in desserts, etc :)). Slowly and gradually with the support and trust of dear hubby I started getting comfortable in the kitchen tweaking, experimenting with different recipes and here I am with my very own food blog.
One thing that we miss here in the US is the luxury of having good Indian food available at any street corner you turn which we used to take so for granted in India. We used to crave for good naan, paneer butter masala.. (especially given my cooking expertise) and also didn't have the enthusiasm to drive 10 -15 miles every time for getting to the nearest indian restaurant in the area. So one day I just decided to make these at home and you guessed it I failed miserably. I started looking for recipes on the internet tried and tweaked some. In the process I finally learned how to make really good naan. I have tried making naan using a pressure cooker, grill, oven and even stove top. On regular basis at home I usually make this with atta or whole wheat flour and avoid butter. It tastes awesome and is also figure friendly (see notes).
Naan is basically a round/oval shaped bread made with maida (all purpose flour), salt, yeast culture and yogurt, cooked in a clay oven or a Tandoor. Here I am giving the recipe for traditional Indian naan using maida cooked in an American oven SO enjoy and hope you like the recipe.
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