Thứ Năm, 15 tháng 7, 2010

Oven roasted rosemary garlic potatoes

This is the healthy (tastier) way to eat and enjoy your potato fries. Spicy, garlicky potato wedges with lots of rosemary flavor and some Indian spices, baked in an oven yum ,try this once and believe me you will never go back to your regular fries again. These are incredibly easy and simple to make and are so full of flavor.
Crisp and thick, with softer insides. The skin lent a very earthy flavor and the best part about it is, It goes easy on your waist-line too.
They are very versatile as well as different types of seasoning can be used as per your liking. I serve it often as an appetizer or side dish when I have people over. These will be finished before you know and everybody will be asking for more. These are a big hit among kids too.
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