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Sattu kachori

 am not sure how many of you know about Sattu or have tasted it. It is a flour made of roasted grams or chana. Mainly popular in Bihar and UP regions of India. It is often considered as a very low budget and nutritious meal full of fiber and protein. It is a favorite and staple at almost all bihari homes. It is something I grew up eating. Litti is synonymous with Bihari cuisine and sattu is the main ingredient. It is used in different preparations such as parathas, kachori, litti, a kind of drink where sattu is mixed with with salt and sugar and lemon and cumin powder (which every bihari farmer starts his day with). Even sattu sweets are made by mixing it with sugar or jaggery and ghee .
For today, I am giving the recipe for sattu kachori, again my mom's recipe. The best thing about these kachoris other than the deep fried crispy outer shell ;- ) is the yummy tickling sattu filling with spicy pickle oil, tangy lemon, lots of onion and garlic, carom and nigella seeds.. yum. She often used to make it for breakfast with some kala chana or aloo ki sabji and it tasted fab. Here in the US I am yet to find sattu in a store (or even online!) so I always bring it from India and freeze it for a longer shelf life. If you are able to find it somewhere, you gotta try it.. it tastes awesome!
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