Thứ Sáu, 16 tháng 7, 2010

Vegetable chop

Vegetable chop or roll is a famous street food that is found almost all over India, with minor differences in ingredients here and there. Whenever I think of them, I go back to my college days and to my college canteen, they served the meanest veg chops.. they were to die for.. yum! Hubby also remembers it as his favorite street food from his home town. An absolute favorite with everyone, they are very versatile too, serve them with some ketchup or chutney as an appetizer or for a change stuff them inside a bun and it converts into a amazing veg burger and a quick fix meal. You can also serve them as chaat with some chhole and chutney and enjoy the compliments. Can be made using different veg.. or whatever you have in your refrigerator (except the beets which I think is a must). Perfect for a rainy day they are addictive. They are best deep fried (and its okay once in a while :-).
I once made this for my hubby's office potluck (over 70 of these) and he tells me they were the first ones to go, he was very proud :-)
Here's how I make it.

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