Thứ Ba, 6 tháng 7, 2010

Vegetable Manchurian

Indo-Chinese cuisine is something I just absolutely adore as is by almost everyone in my family. Chinese food used to be on the top of my list when eating out. Chinese food which we get here in the US is very different from what we get back home in India. Also being a vegetarian we had better options there. Here the more stress is on pork and sea food so the choices are very limited.
These are really easy to make at home, taste awesome and are always a big hit with guests. Vegetable manchurian is one of the most recognized dishes in the cuisine. These are fried vegetable balls in a multi sauce gravy often paired with chinese style fried rice. These are great for a potluck parties and will be gone in seconds!! It can be made dry or with gravy (see notes). Also different kinds of vegetables can be used like red bell pepper, cauliflower and even broccoli. The only thing that used to be time consuming for me in this recipe was prepping the veggies, grating and chopping carrots and cabbage :( so one day while buying groceries a packet of coleslaw (it is mix of grated cabbage and carrots usually used for making coleslaw salad) caught my attention and bingo life is much easier now. But if you don't have access to this you can always grate and chop your own vegetables. If you don't like deep frying, manchurians can also be baked in the oven, hmm.. I will come on this in some other post. For today enjoy these deep fried beauties and you will forget about the number on the scale for... well.. some time ;)

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